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West Broad Apparel

The Original Hose Hat.

West Broad Apparel offers an innovate, custom product in a niche industry. Using retired firehose as material, they allow firefighters to customize a personal hat in relation to his or her department, firetruck, or county. Using our in-house photo and video capabilities alongside our PPC management, we've ran campaigns to drive sales. In addition, we've managed and produced organic social media channels, and produced an "our story" video.


Our combined efforts produced an 82% increase in sales, online store sessions increased by 86%, and 59% more orders than the previous period.

If you'd like to learn more about the PPC campaigns we ran for West Broad, check out our case study here!


01- iPhone 12.png

We created several video ads for campaigns we ran. These were optimized for the main feeds of Facebook and Instagram.


Next is the "our story" video we produced! We used it also for an advertisement to gain videos views, and ultimately retarget viewers who showed the most interest with a product ad.

What kind of video content could your business benefit from?

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