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How We Achieved a

536%  Sales Increase 

in One Month.

Content Marketing Case Study:

When we first sat down with West Broad Apparel, we learned about their product, mission, and the solid foundational marketing strategy that had performed well for them in their first couple years of business.


Yet, there was beginning to be a plateau of online purchases, and they had been handling essentially all marketing efforts in-house while at the same time dealing with manufacturing the products.


So with that, we had our goals set. West Broad’s team wished to increase sales, drive bulk orders, and solidify their messaging and branding.


We began our process by analyzing what had succeeded in the past for the West

Broad crew. We concluded that their current messaging, along with the product advertisements, truly resonated with its target market.


While the messaging was doing well with the company's demographic, we did find that the ads were receiving a high frequency, meaning that the ad was being placed multiple times to the same individual. This explained their plateau in sales. 


We also saw room for improvement in building out a stronger retargeting and multi-level campaign.


An asset that we had to our advantage was our in-house video production and graphic design capabilities. We were able to begin producing new ads immediately and start placing them as we built out our new campaigns.

Mobile-Optimized Advertisement featuring the signature "Hose Hat"

A catalogue of footage and advertisements was produced, so when frequency was getting too high, we would begin swapping in fresh content.


We created unique video advertisements for multiple product skus, making sure to optimize each of them for various ad placements.


The visuals we created needed reflect West Broad’s brand image while also engaging the audience and informing the customer on product features.


These highly produced advertisements were accompanied alongside User Generated Content (UCG). We gathered West Broad customer pictures and reviews, and packaged them into our advertising strategy.


On Facebook, previously collected data from West Broad’s Facebook Pixel was used to build new look-alike audiences, as well as create an extensive retargeting group of past and current website visitors, add-to-carts, and purchasers.



Simultaneously to our PPC campaign, our team produced copywriting for blogs to increase website SEO, optimized, created, and consistently posted organic social media content, and developed email marketing campaigns to previous website visitors and customers.


The Results?


In the first month the new campaigns were active, the e-commerce site had a

56% increase in visitors leading to a 138% increase in total sales, with a 43% increase in the online store and 536% increase on mobile sales.


In the following months, this new threshold held steady with one of those months reaching an all time high in sales.


There are a couple of key take-aways and things we learned from this success story:


  1.  At the end of the day, a good product and brand sells itself. West Broad is a perfect example of this. Not only do they produce a unique, custom, and quality product, they also represent a set of values that distinctively aligns with their customers. These values set up a brand, culture, and marketing start point for us to launch from.

  2. High quality content is a must. Consumers are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of pieces of content daily, so you have to stand out.

  3. Retargeting can be incredibly effective. While this may be common sense to some, it's important not to overlook. While we wanted our ad frequency to be low, it sometimes takes a few extra nudges before a customer commits to buying.

  4. Don’t neglect organic social for e-commerce. While the number of Facebook and Instagram users we reached through advertising is much higher than organic followers, that doesn’t make the organic posting any less important. Potential customers often use organic social as reaffirmation before purchasing, and existing customers enjoy engaging with brands that reflect the same values as they do.



Combining strategy, content creation, and ad placement presents unique challenges every time, but the process is an enjoyable puzzle, and seeing our customers succeed and grow makes it all the more rewarding.

Mobile Optimized Advertisement featuring two products

and an "elevator pitch"

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