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Custom Hats, Custom Ads, Massive Results

Content Marketing Case Study:

"Nothing Better Than an Original"

Founded by full-time firefighters, West Broad Apparel creates custom hats for their brothers and sisters in the fire service. West Broad's flagship product is their "Original Hose Hat" - made from retired firehose and custom designed to each customer's specs. It's a killer product, so when they approached us for marketing we were thrilled to get involved.

Project Synopsis:

Primarily using social media advertising, we were able to drastically grow West Broad Apparel's sales. One of the major keys to the success, was our video production for multiple product ads.

Services Provided:

Video Production / Photography / PPC / Email Marketing / Web Design / Graphic Design / Organic Social

Room for Improvement

During their first couple of years in business, West Broad saw an organic influx of sales and product interest. After a while, the word-of-mouth marketing began to slow down. With sales starting to plateau, and day-to-day time spent running the business competed with time needed for marketing, West Broad knew it was time to add some more fuel to the fire.

The primary area we saw opportunity for growth and improvement in their sales was through their social media advertising.


They had seen growth through this channel in the past, but the PPC needed restructuring and their current ads were overused and didn't do the best job actually selling the product.

Creating to Capture

First things first, we needed product ads that worked well to sell the product and tell the story behind West Broad Apparel.


The ad content needed to capture and retain attention, provide product education, and inspire a purchase! With our in-house video capabilities, our team got to work.


The importance of quality content creatives (ads) cannot be overstated. In most cases, this is your brand's first impression. Your digital footprint should be of the same level of quality that your products and services offer!


Not to mention, online audiences are steadily being exposed to competing ads. If they don't click on yours, they will click on someone else's. Digital marketing is an investment that you can't afford not to use. 

Variety, Please.

Variety, Please.

Several styles of ads produced. Some were shorter, strictly product centered, while others elaborated, including the mission and values behind products, and some were UGC style, featuring customer photos and reviews.

Versions appropriate for each platform were also produced; square, vertical, and horizontal.

With top knotch copywriting as company, the ads were ready for our PPC expertise to get to work.

Proof in the Pudding

Carefully monitoring, updating, and fine-tuning PPC campaigns, purchases started booming. In the first month alone, online sales doubled! 

Over the course of our retainer with WestBroad, our Facebook Ad campaigns were directly responsible for over 5,000 purchases - and that's not including our TikTok advertising or other marketing efforts!

Combining this with our other marketing efforts (Email, Website, Organic, Print) created an almost self-reliant sales producing machine. 

Mission Successful

WestBroad, like many brands, has great products that it's customers rave about. By strategically and consistently producing creative video ads, alongside other marketing efforts, we were able to successfully reach those potential customers and are proud of the results that speak for themselves!

Want to Be Our Next Success Story? 

Let's Get Started!

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