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5 Social Media Trends Your Business Needs to Incorporate in 2021

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

From an increased use of the internet and social media channels due to the lockdown, to a growing awareness of fake news and credibility, the social media landscape has gone through many adaptations this year. And, with 2021 just around the corner, we can expect the new year to bring even more new changes and trends along with it. Our social media gurus have dissected the top 5 trends that brands will likely encounter over the next year so you can get ahead of the game!

1. User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UCG) will take center stage in 2021. We've already seen a rise in this type of content in recent years through the use of influencer marketing. Consumers are looking for third party validation before they purchase from or support a brand. In line with UCG, remixing will also become a popular marketing tool next year. With apps like TikTok and Koji popping up, users will be encouraged to take content produced by their favorite influencers, celebrities and brands, and remix it to make it their own. This is going to be a great way for brands to encourage more engagement and participation from their audience. If you haven't jumped on the UCG train yet, then this might be your year!

2. Old School Marketing

Now labeled as "old-school" marketing tactics, these OG communication tools have found their place once again. Connection with consumers through the forms of podcasts and newsletters have made a huge comeback. In 2021, brands will to need to focus more on providing relevant information in real time and achieving that through multiple channels of communication (Talkwalker). This also provides a great avenue for businesses to create more micro-targeted and personalized messages to its consumers. Not only do these marketing methods work, but they also provide more content for your social media channels. Sharing a new podcast with followers allows you to form another connection between them and your brand while also encouraging engagement.

3. Video Marketing

If you haven't started utilizing it already, video marketing will be a must-have next year for your business. Video content has continually performed as the top format on social media and is on track to remain that way through 2022. Statistics show that viewers are 95% more likely to retain information they've seen in a video than any other media format (Social Media Week). Video ad spend has also increased significantly and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future (Forbes). In addition, video-centric platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and Snapchat will continue to drive the need for vertical videos. With the continuous growth of consumption through mobile devices, businesses will greatly benefit from investing in video content - especially if you're planning to do any advertising.

4. The COVID-19 Impact

With the affects of COVID-19 far from being in our rearview mirror, the pandemic will continue to set the tone on social platforms. Consumers will look for brands to create online community, promote cleanliness and show care and compassion. They will also be looking for them to provide solutions. Businesses have been required to reinvent themselves this year and an online presence has become more important than

ever. With the increased use in online purchasing and interaction, users are changing the way they interact with companies digitally. Being as accessible as possible will help your brand thrive over the next year.

5. Social Consciousness

Perhaps one of the most important communications that brands will need to incorporate in the coming year will be an increased social awareness. As we've seen through 2020, people have become highly aware of "fake news" and digital disinformation. They have also become more perceptive to how socially aware brands are on topics like politics, education, equality, etc. A poll conducted by Forbes in 2019 showed that 88% of consumers want to support brands that are aligned with social causes. Not only will consumers expect their favorite brands to speak out on certain issues, but they will also be keenly aware of how transparent a brand is. Authenticity on social media is more important than ever with the rise of socially conscious audiences.

While these trend predictions are the industry's best guess at what we can expect for the upcoming year, if there's anything that 2020 has shown us, it's that you can't predict everything. Having experts in your corner to help navigate this ever-changing landscape is more valuable than ever. If your business is looking to ramp up social media and communication efforts, contact us today to schedule a consultation! | (864) 908-6561


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