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D1 Training Asheville

Train Like an Athlete

Our collaboration with D1 Asheville first began as a consulting project covering organic social media as well as PPC, but progressed into PPC management and content creation. We used a combination of footage & photos we’d captured, alongside the day-to-day content that their coaches and trainers were capturing with their phones.


On the PPC side, we structured several lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, making sure we were retargeting individuals that had interacted with the D1 website and social media.

d1 iphone.png

On top of this, we did some touching up of their social pages, and created organic content as well. Professional quality “Tip Tuesday” videos were used alongside UGC (User Generated Content) such as member’s photos.


Lastly, we designed print collaterol, including a direct mail flyer to specific neighborhoods, and a full size billboard.

Using high quality content gives businesses a step ahead of their competition by engaging, informing, & entertaining their audiences in the organic social media space as well as the paid advertising space. Marketing is our speciality - how can The Klein Agency help grow your brand?

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