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Better Fit & Feel

SoftShirts was born out of a vision to fill a gap in the wholesale t-shirt market for better fitting, high quality, soft shirts. Based in Greenville, they operate out of a former cotton mill, truly bringing textiles back to the upstate. We’ve been proud to partner alongside them in their mission.

Kayo Services:

Search Advertising

Print Media

Social Media Advertising

Web & Graphic Design


Video Production & Editing

Customer Analytics

Email Marketing Campaigns

Challenge and Goal:

A portion of the content we created alongside their marketing team were styled montages for social media. They featured firetrucks delivered to previous Safe Industries customers and acted as a tool for capturing the attention of prospective departments in the market for a new apparatus.

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Send a Message

After strategizing with the SoftShirts’ team, we hit the ground running, producing media to be used in new marketing campaigns. One of the first projects we tackled was a makeover of their product catalogue brochure to be used by the sales team at conferences and expos. Alongside that, we captured new lifestyle and product photography. Various social media ads, graphics, and video were created to capture our target audience’s attention and highlight brand differentiators.

Execute through channels

Using the newly developed content, it began time to implement. On social media we developed multiple campaigns with differing objects, be it awareness, leads, or engagement. We began to design and build out email campaign flows for previous customers as well as for newly engaged prospects. We created multiple Google campaigns including display network visual ads. We use a multifaceted approach that weaves together and we diligently kept track of results & data, tweaking and implementing insights to ensure we achieve the best results possible.

Data Implenting and Day-to-Day

Alongside outreach campaigns, there’s plenty of marketing support needed for day-to-day operations of the in-house team to uphold brand image, communicate clearly, and retain brand loyalty. Be it organic social media, website tinkering and updating, or last-minute print designs for a show, we’re ready to meet the challenge!



We’re proud of the results SoftShirts has seen and is continuing to see. Perhaps the most notable would be over an 18 month period our PPC campaigns have produced nearly 2500 Leads at a cost of $0.93 per lead. The ROA on Google campaigns is 30% - well above average! Compared to previous year there is a 21.25% increase in orders and 27.31% increase in revenue. Apart from numbers and statistics, we’re particularly proud of the content, brand direction, and marketing-system we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in fostering alongside SoftShirts. 

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