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Show – Don’t Tell


Based outside of Greenville, SC, Safe Industries provides excellent customer service along with firefighting and safety equipment to public service agencies and industrial customers across the southeast. We connected with them in hopes to visually demonstrate their vast array of offerings.

Scope of Work:

Video Production

Video Editing


Drone Photo / Video

Entertainment as a Salesman.

A portion of the content we created alongside their marketing team were styled montages for social media. They featured firetrucks delivered to previous Safe Industries customers and acted as a tool for capturing the attention of prospective departments in the market for a new apparatus.

Highlighting Company Values

Fire Departments invest a lot of money and time into purchasing new trucks and equipment, and they’re the tools they rely on when the clock is ticking and it’s literally life or death scenarios. Through video, we were able to show case Safe Industries’ emphasis on quality customer service to departments.

Digital Classroom

Across all industries there are topics and subject which would benefit both the consumer and the provider if they were better grasped. Be it features of a new truck, or definitions of an acronym, we produced content to inform and teach.

What kind of video content could your business benefit from?

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